Powder Coating Services

OSH Cut's powder coating service brings a sturdy, scratch and chip-resistant, consumer-ready finish to your custom sheet metal parts. Select your powder color after uploading your part to get instant prices and lead-times.

Powder Coating

Powder Coated Sheet Metal Parts

OSH Cut's new metal powder coating service allows you to order finished sheet metal parts from a single source, resulting in simplified logistics, more consistent and repeatable lead times, and lower shipping overhead.

OSH Cut exists to make fabricated metal parts easier to order. Now, with powder coating services available, we are taking our rapid, automated fabrication service to the next level.

Rapid Lead-Time

OSH Cut's powder coating service adds a 4 business-day lead for most job sizes. Altogether, laser-cut, tapped, deburred, bent, and powder-coated sheet metal parts are available within as little as 5 business days.

Instant Quoting

Usually, it takes days to obtain quotes for metal powder coating services, but OSH Cut has shortened that time considerably. Instead of waiting around for days just to price your custom powder coated part, you can upload your parts online and obtain prices instantly.

From start to finish, the process for ordering custom powder coated metal parts has never been easier.

Why Powder Coating?

Powder coating represents another major leap forward in OSH Cut's goal to transform the fabrication industry. OSH Cut began offering laser metal cutting services in 2018, but quickly expanded to offer more value-add services, including deburring, sheet metal bending, tapping, and now powder coating.

Our motivation is to set new standards for sheet metal customer experience, by showing the industry what is possible. Yet until metal powder coating services became available, the vast majority of the sheet metal parts we've manufactured have required additional value-add services downstream; raw metal parts usually don't find their way into finished products without metal powder coating or other finishing services.

Our recent addition of powder coating services eliminates that problem for many of our customers. Because customers can now obtain parts with a strong, scratch and chip-resistant powder coating, OSH Cut is becoming more of a single source for consumer-ready sheet metal. This dramatically reduces prototyping design cycles, and enables on-demand fabrication of cut, bent, powder-coated sheet metal parts.