How to Order Laser-Cut Tube

To manufacture your custom metal tube design, we'll need a 3D model of the part. If you already know how to make a 3D model, just upload it on our website at If you need more details, read on!

Here's how to do it in a nutshell:

  1. Choose a tube profile for your design. Options are listed in our material catalog. From there, you can download a DXF of each profile as a starting place.

  2. Use your favorite CAD software to extrude the profile and then cut holes and other shapes you'd like the laser to remove.

  3. Export your model in one of our supported formats. STEP is very commonly available.

  4. Upload your 3D model at, select your material, and get your instant prices.

What Tube Profiles are Available?

When creating a new design, you'll first need to select a tube profile. We stock a variety of square, rectangular, and circular profiles in steel, aluminum, and stainless. You can browse through our material catalog to explore options. Once you've selected an option, you can download a DXF profile, which you can then extrude in CAD as a starting place:

Choose a material profile and download its DXF to get started
Choose a material profile and download its DXF to get started

If you need something that we don't stock, send us an email at We can add new materials if there's demand and availability.

Uploading and Ordering Your Parts

Upload your 3D models at and select your materials to get instant prices. Our system provides instant quoting for flat and bent sheet metal, and laser cut tube parts. Our system will do its best to identify your type of part. If you encounter any problems after upload, you can contact us at or by phone at 801-850-7584. We'll help you out!