Online Sheet Metal Services

It's time to stop waiting around for quotes!

Instead of sending an email and waiting days for a response, you can get instant laser cutting and bending prices from OSH Cut in any quantity, from one part to tens of thousands.

Our instant quoting system combined with lead-times as short as same day allow you to have parts in-hand before some shops can even give you a price.

How Does it Work?

Upload Your Design

Upload your parts through our online app to set units, materials, finishing options, and quantities.

Our system will automatically analyze your parts for manufacturability, give you an instant price, and render the flat pattern and a 3D model so you can verify the design.

We support a wide variety of 2D and 3D file formats, including DXF, SVG, AI, STEP, SLDPRT, CATPART, IPT, PAR, and IGES formats.

Obtain Fully Nested Pricing

After uploading and verifying your files, you can log in and click "Continue" to get finalized prices.

Our nesting engine will combine all your parts onto metal sheets to determine exactly how much material will be needed. When savings are found, it will apply a discount to your order.

Choose Lead-Time and Shipping

After uploading your parts and confirmed your fully-nested price, you can select lead-time and shipping options.

Depending on your job size and available material and capacity, we can offer lead-times as short as same day. Choose the lead-time option that best fits your timeline and budget.

We support shipping anywhere in the United States through UPS, FedEx, USPS, and (for freight) Old Dominion. You can also stop by the shop to pick up your order in person.

On to Production!

Laser Cutting

The first production step is always laser cutting. Our lead-time engine takes capacity of all operations into account, but usually laser capacity is the primary factor affecting lead-time.

Our staff will review your parts one final time to ensure that there are no problems, and your parts will be released to manufacturing.


We offer metal tapping for hole sizes up to 1.5", and through metal thicknesses up to 1.0". Our optimized processes allow us to fixture and tap multiple holes quickly, keeping costs low and saving you the time and headache of tapping your parts manually.

Tapping generally takes place before deburring, so that sharp edges and burrs produced by the tap can be mitigated and removed if deburring was selected for your parts.

Deburring & Graining

After your blanks are cut, they optionally go to deburring and graining. Our finishing machine deburrs your parts and optionally provides a 240-grit linear grain, comparable to a #4 finish. The laser cuts without significant burr on most materials, but for parts requiring painting, welding, or other fabrication steps, adding finishing can either reduce or completely eliminate additional prep work down the line.

When you upload your parts, finishing will automatically be selected if it is supported for your part and material, although you can remove it if you'd like. Your part needs to have at least 6 square inches of surface area, and be at least 3 inches wide in at least one dimension, to allow finishing. At least one dimension of your part (length or width) must be 40 inches or less to fit in the finishing machine.


Your part then moves to bending if required. To guarantee precision and repeatability, our precision CNC brakes places back gauges to within +/- 0.0001", measures the material thickness on each bend, and adapts the ram displacement as needed to achieve a good bend every time.

Bend angles can be expected to be within +/- 1 degree.

Powder Coating

Once your sheet metal parts are cut, tapped, deburred, and bent, they move on to powder coating if required. Our powder coating service enables finished, consumer-ready parts to be ordered on-demand, from a single source, with best-in-industry lead times.

To obtain parts with powder coating, simply select your part after upload and choose your powder coating color.

Quality and Shipping

We work hard to control quality at every production step, but our quality department has final say on whether parts ship, or whether they need to be scrapped and recut.

When your parts are inspected and pass quality, they are wrapped, labelled, and boxed. Each shipment you receive will contain a packing list indicating which parts in your order are packed in each box.

Customer Support

We stand by the quality of our service and work hard to improve it every day.

If there are concerns about your order, please contact us and we will do everything we can to help you out.